A novel by Tracee A. Hanna

A LITTLE BIT OF SINNING is a story about love and loss, lies and betrayal, and the sanctity of the matrimonial bed, with a hedonistic twist. The main character, Tina is strong minded and tough. She was raised by her Southern grandfather, and therefore she does not have the traditional idiosyncrasies of conventional women. She is a North side St. Louis girl; tough, direct, sensual and strong—decadent trouble. Tina is married to Mitchell. Their twelve-year marriage produced two daughters. Come join Tina, a recent emotionally separated woman, on her first night out in a night club, doing A LITTLE BIT OF SINNING, a week after her husband demands a divorce. Tina rises to the occasion and agrees without hesitation. The story starts off at the breaking point of one relationship and then quickly moves to Tina's unorthodox, and deceptively cold reaction to the break-up. She immediately moves into the guest bedroom of her home and embarks on her new life as a single woman. She loves men, so much so, that the dissolution of her marriage gives her the perfect excuse to date and experience the pleasures of new men.Her trip to the club started out as a litmus test to find out if she is still attractive to the opposite sex. Armed with the knowledge that she is, she embarks on a truly sinful rite of passage. Before long, Mitchell, wants his wife back, and pulls out all the stops. Has Mitchell had a change of heart or is he jealous of Tina's new-found freedom and happiness? A LITTLE BIT OF SINNING is a story that can be appreciated by any person who has been in a relationship and gave it her all just to be betrayed in the end. Tina is downright scandalous in reclaiming herself. A LITTLE BIT OF SINNING is a tale filled with drama, twists, and turns that will keep the reader interested from beginning to end. Come cheer Tina on as she takes love’s capricious journey."
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